Kaltumformung Winter GmbH

Kaltumformung Winter GmbH

Kaltumformung Winter GmbH

Your supplier for aluminium and copper shells


We are specialized in manufacturing of aluminium and copper shells.

Our precision deep drawn parts are used in the oil and gas industry, safety engineering, pyrotechnics, and mining.

Our strengths are especially the possibility to produce small and large series, developments for the test phase, as well as samples and prototypes with low tool costs.

The product range consists of over 350 deep-drawn metal parts for a wide variety of blasting systems and detonators.

The company

We have developed from a company with a long tradition, which was no longer available to customers due to relocation abroad.

This gave us the opportunity to keep the know-how, the machinery and the experienced employees for our customers by founding the company Kaltumformung Winter GmbH.

We have managed to establish the company on the market and continue to serve our customers as a reliable supplier of precision and deep-drawn parts.

The product range

We process coppers and copper alloys, aluminium and aluminium alloys as well as other metals.
Possible dimensions:
2 to 35 mm of diameter, maximum length: to 100 mm.

Our products are based on the wishes of our customers. More than 50 special machines (pull and punching press) also allow the inexpensive production of small series with low tool expenses.


We develop tools and production procedures to manufacture products by customer request. Also specific features like thin-walled products with predeterminated breaking points in foil strength belong to our product range.
Also we realise the development of new products up to the maturity phase with linking up mass production.

All products produced by us are cleaned in our modern cleaning layout nearly freely of remains.

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Kaltumformung Winter GmbH

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